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RAINFOREST acrylic on canvas 48×36 abstract expression

Tropical islands are my favorite  places to visit for a week of relaxation, I love swimming and snorkeling in the warm Caribbean waters,  the lush green vegetation and the exotic flowers.

Even though the islands have a lot of similarities, I have had a different experience in each one.  I was inspired by Bora Bora for this painting, I was at the Club Med spending a week with my wife,  we had a  small  bungalow raised above water, it was a beautiful setting.  The food, the fresh bread, the cheese and the wine were great and needless to say I was happy. Life was beautiful and I had a great time.

When I got back I could not wait to express the wonderful experience on canvas,  RAINFOREST was created, I have thought of other titles like Bird of Paradise and a few others but at the end Rainforest was my choice.

Isn’t nature beautiful, it’s  good to be alive.

George Alemshah

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SUMMER BREEZE acrylic on canvas 48×48 abstract expression

Summer breeze reminds me of  the trade winds in Kauai, the gentle swaying of the palm trees. Every day between  3 to 7pm almost all the hotels have a happy hour usually with music, singer and a hula dancer.

After a wonderful day at the beach I enjoy having a drink listening to the music, watching the hula dance and feel the  trade winds  that sort of caresses  you ever so gently.

Kauai is paradise on earth, this painting brings back  memories  of the time I was there.

George Alemshah

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TEMPEST 48×48 acrylic on canvas abstract expression

Stormy weather, violent weather, wind, rain, hail and snow. We get those every so often, although not always in the weather, sometimes in our lives, in our  health. I don’t enjoy it but I expect it.

Life would be boring if the sun shined all the time  and the weather was picture perfect.

Though it would be  rough  on  us  and  those close to us,  look at the silver lining, after a tempest comes a perfect day with sunshine, flowers, butterflies and  even a rainbow.

I guess what I am thinking here is that in our travel through  life we will all have one or more  tempests.  If you think of what follows a stormy weather you will be able to accept both the good and the bad, even if it means that we have arrived to  our  final destination.

It’s alright to be a little late arriving to this appointment, no one will get upset.

George Alemshah

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“Wild Orchids “of my mind.48″x48” acrylic on canvas, abstract impression

Abstract expression is  the art of painting  a feeling instead of a picture,  like happiness,  sorrow, depression, music, love, hate.  An abstract expression is reaching inside of yourself to bring out  the feeling you have at that moment, unpremeditated, instant and spontaneous, put it on canvas and hope that whoever views  your painting can feel and maybe even  relate it to an experience they have had.  The beauty  is that everyone sees something different and it becomes personal to  the person, as if they  painted it themselves.  I love flowers and orchids, they have  a way  of getting  into my paintings subconsciously, after all the most beautiful things in life are  nature, flowers, music good food and wine.

George Alemshah

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CORAL 24″x24″ acrylic on board, abstract expression

Snorkeling in St. Thomas is a great experience.  I spent a week there and I was in the water all day snorkeling.  I loved the colorful species of fish, but I was mesmerized by the underwater landscape and the  coral.   I have painted this painting remembering how beautiful  nature is.

George Alemshah

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