LOVE IS IN THE AIR acrylic on board 24×24 abstract expression

Love has to be one of the most abstract expressions  in life.  Although not easy to define , to me, love is exhilarating, confusing, intense, electrifying.

When you have a white board, paint and brushes and you set out to paint love, you start thinking of the people you love most, your wife, your children,  your mother, father and your friends.  All different kinds  of love, passionate, tender, crazy, platonic.

Some of us are afraid to show love because it makes us vulnerable. Some have had a bad experience and they will not allow anyone else to hurt them, some think that love is a sign of weakness and just don’t know how to express it.

As I get older and wiser, I think love is the most important reason for living.  The people you express love to usually will love you back; which is a great feeling like the song goes ” the greatest thing you’ll ever learn  is to love and be loved in return”.

As you know, I am sure, sometimes Love also works the other way and I will not go into that because this painting is about love.   I would rather think of love as beautiful, happy and caring.   I am the eternal optimist and when I was painting this one I was imagining all the ways I have loved and I realized this painting was not big enough.  Maybe I will use a much bigger canvas for the next one.

In short don’t expect love if you are not willing to love first and show it.   Don’t keep it to yourself, shout it out or paint it out, whichever is easier.

George Alemshah

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